Baker County Watershed

About Us

Purpose of the Watershed Council

Represent a balance of interested and affected persons within the watershed.

"The Watershed Council is to determine the current condition of the watershed, develop a plan to maintain and improve the watershed and put the plan into action."

Consists of a local autonomous assembly of stakeholders.

-Neutral venue to evaluate and resolve issues.
-Central meeting place for partners.
-Conduit for information.

Council Vision Statement

We recognize that our local prosperity is dependent upon current and future availability and quality of our waters. We are committed to ensure that we retain, restore, and enhance the health of our watershed.

Council Mission Statement

In the fulfillment of our vision, our objectives are to:

-Analyze watershed conditions.
-Develop short and long range plans and projects to protect or improve the watershed conditions.
-Educate the community about the watershed conditions and function.
-Enlist the people in the community to participate in the projects.
-Develop peer and/or legislative partnerships when needed to achieve results.
-Remain in compliance with legislative and legal requirements.

Council Membership

The broadest practicable representation of local citizenry, stat and federal agencies and organizations with vested interest within the watershed.

Background Information

-1972 : Clean Water Act passed by the United States Congress (mandated states to adopt water quality standards).
-1987 : Oregon State Legislature created the Governor's Watershed Enhancement Board (now the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB))as Oregon's response to the mandates of the Clean Water Act.
-1991 : Baker County Water Advisory Board was formed to advise the Board of Commissioners on water issues particulary relevant to Baker County.
-1995 : Advisory Board reorganized into a Watershed Council under the provisions of Oregon House Bill #2215 (1993) and HB 3441 (1995).Oregon Watershed Councils are guided, monitored and funded by OWEB.