Baker County Watershed

Watershed Health Concerns of the Powder Basin Watershed Council

"We recognize that our local prosperity is dependent upon the current and future availability an d quality of our waters. We are committed to ensure that we retain, restore, and enhance the health of our watersheds."

Topics of Concern

Legally Mandated and and straight forward issues:

QDEQ 303 (d) List of water quality impaired streams
-assessment of listed stream segments
-consideration of related politics
-address the issue of DEQ teperature standards as well as other questionable standards
-loss of riparian ecosystems
-stream channel stability

Fish Screens

Noxious weed invasions

Bull trout recovery

Legally Mandated and Controversial Issues (Needs Discussion):

Baker City Watershed
-maintenance of water quality to avoid filtration requirements
-Over-appropriation of water: water diversions (compliance with limitation of water rights, e.g. submerged orifice weirs)
-Improper water use

Other Concerns not Legally Mandated:
Lack of Basin Assessment: lack of water quality monitoring

We also recognize Watershed Health Education as a primary on-going concern. An important part of our mission as the Powder Basin Watershed Council is to ensure that "the community is educated, supportive, enrolled and enthusiastic about results accomplished. Their perception should be that the community has benefitted from having healthy wathersheds."