The Board of Directors

Baker County Weed District is assisted by the generous time donation of Board of Directors. These Directors serve at the pleasure of the County Commissioners and are instrumental at helping the Weed District be successful.

The Directors help with notifying the County Weed Supervisor of weed issues in their respective areas. Each member represents a geographic area and does so by notifying the County Weed Supervisor of new, or troublesome weeds and their location. They are also very useful in helping the County Weed Supervisor know of who owns or manages a particular tract of land as well as notifies those landowners what Baker County Weed District can do to help coordinate landowner issues and strategically work with adjacent landowners.

Name Phone# Email Position Representing
Craig Ward 541-519-4642 cward.wr@gmail.com Chairman Baker Valley/Pocahontas Area
Bruce Hummel 541-519-1580 bruce@thiefvalleyranch.com Vice-Chairman North Baker County Area
John Wirth 541-853-2326 None Medical Springs Area
Kent Justus 541-518-7626 bjean23@live.com Keating Valley Area
Bill Shumway 541-446-3345 sbshumway@ortelco.net Chair Emeritus Upper Burnt River Area
Don Foster 541-519-7854 foster_ranch@yahoo.com Bowen Valley/Sumpter Area
Bob Colton 541-523-3036 blcolton@thegeo.net East Baker Valley Area
Kathy Thompson 541-519-2716 dk32ranch@fmtcblue.com Durkee Valley/ Huntington Area
David Bird 541-403-2828 bird@pinetel.com Pine Valley/Halfway Area
Dave Clemens 541-540-6769 clemens@eagletelephone.com Eagle/Pine Valley District
Cookie Long 541-403-1100 cynthialanding2322@msn.com Baker City/Western Heights HOA Area
Shella DelCurto 541-519-5563 mightyadashin@yahoo.com Pine Valley/Halfway
Bill Harvey 541-523-8200 bharvey@bakercounty.org Baker County Commission
Jeffrey Pettingill 541-519-0204 jpettingill@bakercounty.org Executive Director/Secretary Baker County Weed District

Jeffrey Pettingill
Baker County Weed District
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Baker City, OR 97814
Phone: (541) 523-0618
Fax: (541) 524-7666