Baker County Noxious Weed Policy

50% cost-share dollars will still be offered to assist land managers in controlling "A" listed weeds. However, once enforcement procedures have been taken against the land manager(s), cost-share assistance can no longer be offered.

The Baker County Weed Department recognizes that a multi-year management strategy is necessary to control these noxious weeds. Economic constraints, reseeding failures, inconsistent chemical response and countless other challenges are part of the science of weed control. However, proper planning combined with a commitment to follow through on a strategy can achieve the results we all seek.

Compliance with the Baker County Policy can be achieved by submitting a Weed Management Plan. The two components required by a Weed Management Plan are:
1. A 5 year Planning Timeline and Map(s);
2. A commitment to follow through on the submitted plan.
The Baker County Weed Supervisor must approve individual Weed Management Plans. Plans will be evaluated by how well the plan reduces seed set on the target weed.

Remember, it is our policy to give the land manager every opportunity to come into compliance with state law before carrying out enforcement procedures. The county would like to emphasize the Weed Department's willingness to work with all participants to achieve countywide weed control success. If you are a landowner that is making an effort to control your weeds, do not be intimidated by this policy.
Contact our office (541-523-0618) if you have any questions. Formal action by the County can be avoided by simple cooperation. Be a good neighbor and take care of your weed problems.
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