Cost Share Programs

Baker County Weed District Cost Share

In many situations dealing with only Noxious Weeds BCW is able to offer financial help with controlling these invasive weeds. Currently there are only 67 listed weeds. Our current program is to offer a 50:50 cost share to land managers who qualify for the program. To qualify contact our office 541-523-0618 and we will work out the details. Many have offered free herbicide to land managers.

This program, in the past has been a 50:50 of all chemicals purchased from a certified dealer. Including - Herbicides, Surfactants, dyes, and other products that help reduce the impact of the weeds.

Sending or bringing in a copy of your receipt(s) is all that is/was necessary to receive 50% of your expenses back as a check from Baker County Weed District.

It is our belief that all land managers should invest in their own weed control. Offering free product does not guarantee that you are going to get it on the weeds. By investing in 50% of the costs we believe that the land manager will ensure the quality of weed control as well as monitor the application for future needs.

One exception to this is if we, the CWMA, have a "SPRAY DAY" where all partners come together on one site and work with all land managers in the geographic area. Here, land managers may show up with their sprayers and the CWMA will train, calibrate, and mix a load for you and you then go treat your own weeds. These are some of the most effective weed management techniques across a single landscape.

Contact our office and we can visit about having a 'SPRAY DAY' in your area.

1. Many new herbicides are not processed by the livestock, thus when applied to pastures, go in as herbicide and come out of the animal as herbicide. If you collect the manure and compost it, the herbicide may still be in the manure, thus damage to sensitive crops can occur.

Taylor Grazing Association Cost Share

Taylor Grazing Funds are funds that accumulate based on 12.5% of all grazing fees associated with Grazing Allotments of Bureau of Land Management allotments in Baker County.

To qualify for Taylor Grazing Association Cost Share:

Lands must be in Baker County, Oregon
Lands are Non-irrigated rangelands
Lands must be grazed at least once every two years
Submit receipts and cost share form to (in lieu of OSU Extension Agent Absence):
Baker County Weed District,
1995 3rd Street, Baker City, OR 97814


Jeffrey Pettingill
Baker County Weed District
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Baker City, OR 97814
Phone: (541) 523-0618
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