Weed Management by implementation of an Integrated Weed Management Program.

Our office prides itself in knowledge of the best tools to control the identified weed. Our hope is that land stewards find new weeds on their property before they become out of hand. Generally, by the time Baker County Weed arrives at the property to help, the weed is already out of control.

Although there are many tools to control weeds, as seen below, the use of herbicides is the greatest method to reduce the impact of the weeds in the quickest way. Once the right herbicide is determined and utilized we can then discuss techniques in land management (Grazing, watering, fertilizer, etc) to attempt to keep the weed from re-invading or having a new invader enter into the property.

Sprayer Calibration, set up, and usage.

Weed spraying equipment come in many fashions and forms. Knowing how to spray, how much pesticide should go in the tank, and how to care for the sprayer is key upon getting the weeds off of your property.

One of the most common, incorrect questions we get is "How much of that Product do I put into my tank"? of which we cannot answer without knowing what area can you treat with your sprayer. Everyone sprays at a different rate and how wet they get the plant.

Calibration is knowing the exact area that a full tank will treat. There are many different methods of how to calibrate your sprayer.

Known volume of liquid (or dry) over a Known area of a site (square feet or acre). Most product labels will tell you how much product to apply per acre. - Milestone is generally sprayed at 7.0 oz per acre, or 7.0oz/ac.

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