Baker County Weed District Services

The goal of this program is to implement County and State noxious weed ordinances. We will accomplish this by achieving the most effective Vegetation Management Program for the preservation of Baker County's valuable property by utilizing Education, Mechanical control, Biological control, Cultural control, and Chemical control for the betterment of Baker County and its neighbors. The effectiveness of this program is due to the authority and cooperation of the Baker County Citizens, Baker County Commissioners, and the Baker County Weed Board.

Our Department exists in order to assist ALL land owners, land stewards, and other concerned citizens with the removal of invasive plants from their harmful effects to people, animals, and the natural resources.

Weed Identification

Knowing the enemy is the only way to combat the enemy. Guessing on what the plant is normally causes ineffective weed control. Knowing if the plant is an annual, biennial or perennial make the greatest difference in building a weed management program.

Weed/Plant identification can be done in three different ways:

1. We can come to your location to identify the plant.
a. If we don't know what the plant is we can send it off for identification. This is also a great opportunity to establish a weed management plan as well as incorporating changes in grazing or watering schedules as these can greatly affect the invasiveness of weeds.

2. Text or email us pictures of weeds.
a. It's best to have all the parts of the plant, if possible. This would include roots, leaves, stems, and flowers.

3. Bring the plant into our office. (It's best to call ahead to ensure we are in the office)
a. For best preservation of the plant, dig the plant up, wrap it in wet newspaper or wet paper towels and place into a plastic bag as to keep the plant moist. This should be done the day of or the day before bringing in the plant.


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