Cultural Plan

Baker County Cultural Coalition

The Baker County Cultural Coalition is a nine-member planning committee appointed by the Baker County Commission to serve the goals of the Oregon Cultural Trust. A primary purpose of the coalition is to re-grant funds it receives from the Cultural Trust to local arts and cultural projects.

The Oregon Cultural Trust designates approximately one third of the funds it distributes annually as Cultural Participation Grants to cultural coalitions in Oregon's 36 counties and nine federally recognized tribes. These funds are to be used for cultural activities and priorities, and local programs that increase access to cultural resources and opportunities.

The program is intended to increase public participation in all that is cultural, through a balance of preservation of the past and investment in the future. It encourages people to actively participate in and enjoy the cultural resources in their communities and fosters the development of a unique cultural identity. Over time, Oregonians will be able to tell the story of cultural development and cultural growth.

The Baker County Cultural Coalition's Cultural Plan (newly adopted in September of 2012)

Priority 1: Encourage the development and improvement of public spaces for performance and cultural activities.
                 Strategy 1: Provide support for public performance spaces in all county communities.
                 Strategy 2: Encourage development and availability to arts and cultural activities.

Priority 2: Improve communication and coordination of cultural activities.
                 Strategy 1: Encourage publications of community events both artistic and cultural, with emphasis on partnerships.
                 Strategy 2: Support for communication to promote arts and culture in all county communities.

Priority 3: Provide support for groups related to fine arts, performing arts, humanities and local heritage.
                 Strategy 1: Provide financial support to galleries, performing groups, artists providing public art, local historical groups and                                      preservers of local heritage.
                 Strategy 2: Provide financial support to local events related to the arts, performing arts, cultural and historic values.

Priority 4: Provide support for the development of individuals in arts, humanities, heritage awareness and skills.
                 Strategy 1: Support classes and workshops for lifelong learning in the arts, humanities, heritage awareness and skills.
                 Strategy 2: Support local events that give opportunities for individuals to learn, to develop and to display their artistic or                                      cultural skills.

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