Baker County Justice Court District

Filling Fees

51.310 Schedule of fees; payment of fees to county treasurer. (1) Except as provided in ORS 105.130, the justice of the peace shall collect, in advance except in criminal cases, and issue receipts for, the following fees:

-Plaintiff Filing Fee-Civil Action, $90
-Defendant Filing Fee/Answer-Civil Action, $90
-Trial Fee-Civil Action, $75
-Small Claims Plaintiff Filing Fee, $37
-Small Claims Defendant Filing Answer/Counter Claim, $35
-Transcript of Judgement to Circuit Court, $9
-Entering Transcript from Small Claims Judgement to Justice Court Civil Dockets, $9
-Certified Copies, $3.50
-Writs of Execution or Granishment, $20
-Copies of Records per page, $.25/page
-Costs in Criminal Cases when there has been a conviction, $5
-Upon Forfeiture of Security or Bail on Criminal Cases, 15%
-Official Certificate, $10
-Taking and Certifying an Acknowledgement for Proof of any Instrument for Private Party, $3
-FED-Plaintiff Filing Fee, $83
-FED-Plaintiff Filing Fee if commercial or non-residential, $90
-FED-Defendants answer fee to contest, $83
-NSF Check Fee, $50

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